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Meh Apr. 26th, 2009 @ 09:32 pm
I hate it when you sometimes get into a slump. You know the whole "oh-woe-is-me" (sp?) Yeah I got a bout of that when I visited home. The Am I gonna find someone etc etc etc. Well when I was packing all my stuff old books and anime to take back to my place I found something that I forgot I had. (Hell I thought I threw it away in a bout of rashness) I had a few letters, an old newspaper clipping and a binder stored in my collectables bin. (I placed all my gundam stuff and eva stuff. Anything I collected) It was letters, a movie review and my valentines present that my highschool sweetheart gave me. I loved rereading all of it. It actually made me feel better knowing that someone felt that way before about me, and I know it will happen again. (I sound like such a woman wow how sad.) {Not trying to sound sexist, but it gets the meaning accross better i believe.)

Thanks you Jessica.

Caffeine Withdrawl Apr. 10th, 2009 @ 08:46 pm
So during my year in Afghanistan I became dependent on constant caffeine. I mean constat ie a 12 pack of diet coke a day. Now that I have to pay for it my self well.... i have cut back tremondously. I have had the worst headache for the past week. Today I broke and bought some diet coke and it was so good. bah caffiene dependency you suck.

Afghan update Oct. 14th, 2008 @ 09:11 am
Still alive and well here in Afghanistan. Only one difference.

I am now a Sergeant. Thats right, I am in charge of two soldiers now. First thoughts are, this i cool, second thoughts, shit im in charge of people. Their failures are my failures and thier successes are my successes. Scary thought. Scarier still is the fact that I am in charge of people.


adios amigos

Sucks Jul. 24th, 2008 @ 10:07 pm
So my last couple of days here in the US was riding out Hurricane Dolly. The power goes out in the 1st hour or so and well was bored out of my mind until now. Bah Well on the 26th get on the plane again to go to...... Afghanistan YAY!!1lol

Honestly I wonder if my room is still there.

HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jul. 11th, 2008 @ 07:28 am
I"M back in the valley yay for two more weeks awesome.

adios amigos
Other entries
» Almost Home

In hopefully less than a week I will be going home for R&R leave. (still too early for it but oh well.) I hope to consume a vast amount of sushi, visit high school friends and maybe play some DnD. I might go to an anime convention.

Also Afghanistan had more casualties this month than Iraq. not the news I want to hear.

Adios Amigos
» Cant wait to go home
So yeah i got the "itis." I dont care for my PM job anymore and I just want to go home and see my family.

I forgot what bothers me the most with casualties. It's not the blood or guts, on the contrary I am actually intrested in seeing diffrent wounds etc. It is the yelling and groaning from pain. That is what gets me. I just feel my heart jump up into my throat and beat 10 times faster. Here is a man in pain fearing for his life. Granted you have to not think about it at the moment but afterwards yeah. Heh I think I slept 2 hours last night. I need to go home.

What to do at home.

1. SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!! and lots of it.
2. Open Macross models and assemble.
3. Download every tv series and intrested me. (includign anime)
4. Go to Killeen TX for an anime convention. (still up in the air)
5. Repeat 1-3

adios amigos.
» Going home
So it is time to get ready for some R&R. Heading back to the RGV. I think I'm gonna go for giving my parents a heart attack. You know tell them im heading back in October but really in July. Just show up and say hi how's it gion. I have a key and can take a cab to my home.

I'm tired of over here. Seriously why would anyone bomb a school. A school with kids. Why? Then we have the fuckers who lie about thier age. The US policy is not to detain anyone who is 15 or younger, even if they have oh i dont know an RPG, explosives and oh say a map of my base. The person says he is 14.."okay come again" even though they might be 16 or 17.

» Afghanistan
So yeah Afghanistan..... well can't wait to get back home.

Life is alright here no trouble getting in country, but my job has me going everywhere in Afghanistan so I am at a higher risk of being attack. Thankfully i havent. (I dont count rockets that normal for the bases....yeah having someone trying to kill you is normal go figure.) Well my next mission should be 10+ days so adios Fob Salerno for a while.

adios amigos
» Kyrgistan
Or something of the like. I'm gonna be here for an undisclosed amount of time before heading into afghanistan. yay. Well now that i am actually here I am excited about deploying again. Next update should be in my semi permanent home for the net 15 months.
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